Most Communication Guide

Starting a Deep and Meaningful Conversation


It is a simple thing to engage in a conversation. A lot of people can do it effectively especially the ones designed for superficial conversation, designed for killing time. It takes something more to have a deep and meaningful conversation. It raises the stakes and requires time, focus, determination, and effort.


Deep and meaningful conversation has a way of forging bonds and fostering intimacy between two people and thus its fruits can be more than worth it. Below are some of the best conversation starters to get you going.


When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?  This question will let the other person reflect on his/her childhood dreams and ambitions way back then. You can also share your own childhood ambitions, compare notes. And you can share with each other how you turned out to be, if you were able to achieve your dream or what it was that caused your dream to be diverted to something else. Consider what you are right now and how, if the dream was unfulfilled, it came that way. Get the best would you rather questions to ask people here!


What is more important, to be loved or to be understood? This conversation starter will reveal a person's frame of mind, and allows for a deep, fruitful discussion about what is important to the other person - to be loved or to be understood. The conversation will become more interesting if the two of you have differing opinions. Not that it will lead to a debate, but that it will let you from the insights of the other.


Would you rather be happy and poor or rich and miserable? This question is quite common but it can be a springboard to a deep conversations about which is more important - money or happiness. After some conversation on the topic, you can also inject the idea that if you are rich you can also be happy especially if you are of a generous heart.


In a relationship, what do you find meaningful?  This is an open ended conversation starter which can be a great relationship communication skill so that the other person will think outside the box as a response. However, you should be patient with the other person because this may take the other person time to think deeply about it. If you give the other person that time, then you are in for a really deep and meaningful conversation.


Would you rather be a person who is diligent in duty or one who forges their own path? This conversation starter will lead to grand concepts of duty, leadership, personal responsibility and all the points where they overlap and contradict each other. Learn random questions to ask a girlfriend here!